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Planning Your Special Event:

We will have a consultation with you during your wedding/event planning to create an evening of entertainment and fun that you and your guests will always remember.


This may be the first time you’ve planned an event like this, but we have ideas and suggestions from years of experience. We help you tailor and customize your music selections and the order of the events and timing of the entertainment throughout the evening.

Great Live Entertainment:

We have a female and 2 male lead singers, so we can cover all musical genres, including current pop hits, Motown, disco, R&B, funk, country, and fun classics for every generation to enjoy. Your guests won’t get tired of hearing the same voice or type of music. We also love to involve guests in the entertainment if that’s something you want. And Downstage Live performs your selected songs LIVE, never prerecorded. 

Along with the main entertainment for your reception, we offer packages that include live music for your ceremony as well as for the dinner and cocktail hour. 


DownStage Live Have Vast and Varied Experience:

We are an experienced and professional wedding and special events band. Also, our band members have worked with many famous musicians in the past such as: Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, George Clinton, and Aerosmith.


DownStage Live have entertained guests at Five Star venues such as Churchill Downs, The Brown Hotel and The Seelbach, to name a few.


Wedding and Event Entertainment Packages include:
  • Live band services

  • Professional sound equipment

  • Professional MC services throughout the event

  • Pre-wedding entertainment consultation and planning

  • Your customized play list

  • Personalized First Dance and Special Dances per your request

  • Live ceremony, dinner, and cocktail hour music (optional) 


DownStage Live is a memorable and 

professional band you will be proud to have at your next event. Every note played and vocal you hear is LIVE for your special event.  Your guests will be impressed with the level of talent this group brings to the stage - sharing a genuine, authentic passion for music and performance. 

DownStage Live plays the songs your guests want to hear, songs that will KEEP them on the dance floor!  From mainstream rock to pop, country and soul…DownStage Live is the band that keeps the crowd in the action!  They can also customize their set list to ensure it is a perfect fit to your audience and your event.  And, with three members of the band on vocals - you will get a variety of sounds and songs (male and female voices covering almost all decades and genres)!

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